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BIG Journals for the MINIS

Good news for all parents, teachers, and storytellers out there! My self-created childhood diary is finally available! This fantastic book is the perfect gift for children aged 5 to 10 years old, to encourage their creativity and ignite their imagination.

What makes this diary so special? Well, I have been inspired by the wild adventures and fantastical worlds that children can create in their imagination. The result is a diary that not only serves for writing and drawing, but also as a personal space for children to create their own story.

With specially designed pages and space for drawings, children can capture their ideas, dreams, goals, and thoughts in an entertaining and creative way. There are also inspirational quotes to stimulate their mood and encourage them to write and explore their inner world. This diary is not just a recording tool, but an exciting adventure in itself!

The benefits of the diary are endless. It helps children improve their writing skills, develop their imagination, and express their emotions. It also prompts them to share their stories with others and showcase their creativity with friends and family.

As the author of this diary, it is my greatest desire for children to unleash their creativity and bring their imagination to life. Through writing and drawing, they discover new possibilities and develop their own identity. This diary is not just a place to jot down memories, but also a platform for their imagination and creativity.

Let's change the world of children together and celebrate their imagination. Support them on their adventure and give them access to this magical diary. Order one of the three versions online now.

Available books: 

 " My journal - capture your adventures" ONLY in german so far

"Happy Journal" 

"My Stepmom is a witch" NEW  illustrations 

"Welcome Little Plant"   now also in ENGLISH 

You can find more info under my magical books and also on my social media Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook.

Magical greetings Maria

My name is Maria and in 2020, during a long reading-to-sleep ritual, Maxi visited me in my dreams and I fell in love with the idea of writing a childrens book.
Now I regularly create various journals, books and other products on the subject of family, children and mental strength.
Have fun browsing and let yourself be enchanted!

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