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My Stepmom is a Witch

                      ! NOW AVAILABLE !  Just in time for Halloween 

Stepmoms and witches have one very clear thing in common: the bad reputation that has followed them for generations. 

This book shows witches and stepmoms in a new, magical light and is perfect for a quick read in the evening. 

The large, easy-to-read font encourages children to read for themselves. There are great coloring pictures at the end for self-illustration. 

You can find more info under my magical books and also on my social media Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook.

Magical greetings Maria

My name is Maria and in 2020, during a long reading-to-sleep ritual, Maxi visited me in my dreams and I fell in love with the idea of writing a childrens book.
Now I regularly create various journals, books and other products on the subject of family, children and mental strength.
Have fun browsing and let yourself be enchanted!

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